Choosing The Best Residential Roofing Materials and Contractors

A dream home is never complete without an attractive roof that matches its exterior and interior décor. Many homeowners like customized roofs as they offer a personal taste of shade or design. Residential roofing is an integral part of every home since it protects all the items inside and maintains the value of your home. However, roofing should be carried by professionals considering that correct roofing is a huge investment. The following is a close at considerations when installing or replacing your roof.

Roofing materials

It is critical for you as an El Paso or Las Cruces homeowner to decide the type of materials you will use to roof your house. The impression of generic and black asphalt shingles is quite outdated and you may opt to consider modern attractive roofing designs. Here are modern roofing materials that you may prioritize, especially if you are going for a particular feel and look with the overall exterior design of your house.

Clay roofing: This roofing trend is still popular despite being used for a number of years. It offers a variety of styles and colors which are very easy to customize. Clay has a long lifespan and offers great resistance to corrosion. The only issue with clay tile roofing is that they are highly fragile. However, this shouldn’t stress you as long you are working with an experienced residential roofer.

Concrete tiles: They are great for homeowners who are concerned by the durability of their roofs. Roof manufacturers are now developing a wide range of concrete roofing materials that include simulated wood shakes, panels, faux tiles and shingles. The concrete tiles are usually coated with various materials from enamel to metal to customize their look and enhance durability. With this type of roofing, you will enjoy low maintenance, long lifespan and resistance to animal damage, rot and fire.

Metal roofing: Metal roofs such as steel are increasingly becoming a popular roofing trend. Steel roofs are ideal for homeowners who are concerned about the environment since they are highly recyclable. Metal roofs offer a wide range of looks from historical to modern styles. They can also be made to look like traditional roofing styles. They are relatively cheaper and are great for use in different climates because they reflect away heat and allow snow to slide off the roof easily.

Slate roofing: It is a popular type of roofing for upscale homes and homeowners who want to maintain roofs that emulate the natural environment. Slate is usually shingle-shaped and retains a natural earthy look. It is quite expensive but offers flexibility in how the slate tiles are arranged. The slates are also available in many gradation tones and patterns from rose undertone to traditional grays. This type of roofing is highly durable and offers excellent resistance to fire and other elements that cause roof damage.

Choosing the right residential roofing contractor

Installing a new roof or replacing the new one is big investment that must be carried by a qualified roofer to make it worth your money. Subsequently, it is necessary for you to learn how to evaluate roofer so as to get a professional roofing company at a fair price. So, what makes a good and reliable roofer?

Trust and safety: Any residential roofing job in El Paso or Las Cruces, should include safety discussion before the job begins. Don’t hesitate to ask questions until you find someone you are comfortable working with. The best way to get trustworthy roofers is through referrals and recommendations. So, be sure to ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors who have recently replaced or installed new roofs in their homes.

Advice: Stay away from roofing companies that will try to give you a quotation without visiting your home. Good roofers will send some of their contractors to your site to have a clear idea of what you need. As a result, they will be able to advice you accordingly which translates to a fair quote. For instance, they will help you choose the right color and materials while keeping in mind the climate in your area.

Feel free to contact us if you are ready to install a new roof or replace the existing one with a better alternative to the standard residential roofing. We are a reputable and qualified roofing company who are determined to help you improve the look and value of your property. We will discuss your structural and design goals to make expert recommendations that you will definitely love.
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Here in the El Paso TX and Las Cruces NM desert, we have many extreme weather elements that can cause damage to a poorly constructed or repaired roof. Many homes were built with roofs that are not able to withstand the occasional rainy seasons that occur in summer. If your roof leaks, it will eventually cause severe damage throughout the interior of your home. Ceilings can cave in or begin to bubble from the moisture, compromising the structure of your home and causing substantial water damage that can cost thousands of dollars.

A poorly constructed roof can also have an affect on the insulation and cooling of a home or other building. If your roof is not properly insulated, it can absorb upwards of 70% of the outside heat. In our hot climate, this can be a very unbearable problem. These are some of the many reasons it is invaluable to have a properly functioning and quality constructed roof done by a professional and reputable team like Smith & Ramirez.

GAF El Paso and Las Cruces Roofing Contractor

Homeowners have high expectations for comfort throughout their home.  They don’t want a drafty farmhouse anymore or a spare bedroom that isn’t the same temperature as the rest of the house.  It may come as a surprise, but a professional roofing contractor can address these concerns and more.

Our team has expertise in residential roofing.  For more information on the various types of materials we use and our affordable pricing, please call (915)-600-2866. We look forward to working with you.

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