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Smith and Ramirez Commercial Roofing El Paso and Las Cruces
For over 35 years, Smith & Ramirez Roofing has been providing the highest quality roof repair for commercial properties in our lovely city of El Paso. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for being honest and affordable as well as for providing long-lasting results that remain sturdy throughout all kinds of weather. Finding good, reliable roofers can be difficult at times. You never know who you can trust to do the job you’ve paid them to do with diligence and skill.

Smith & Ramirez are a team you can count on with confidence. Our team has expertise in commercial roofing. For more information on the various types of materials we use and our affordable pricing, please call (915)-600-2866. We look forward to working with you.

Commercial Roofing: This is the Easiest Way to Go

The baseline of success in commercial roofing is subject to proper arrangement, installation and incorporation into the different types of buildings. Unlike residential buildings, it is essential and smart to utilize the best rather than the cheapest solution. The need for reassurance and protection of commercial property is much higher than in any other instance. In order for the building to be viewed by the leasers as worth, owners of such buildings need to use products that have a long life, a high rating in terms of reliability and also a verifiable warranty. This prevents the occurrence of loss in any catastrophic event.

The Complication with Roofing

Many real estate owners face problems when it comes to the top cover of their projects since it is something that they lack experience or have minimal knowledge. The conundrum also emanates from the lack of an established relationship with an expert roofer. The only way to solve this problem is to seek advice or the knowledge of a third party with experience in this field.

The Work of an El Paso and Las Cruces Roofing Expert

An expert consultant is indispensable considering that they offer advice that is devoid of bias. Using aspects such as budget, the type of commercial building and the substances that are placed within the building, the expert offers impartial advice.

Normally, an expert would provide advice on the best materials, the type and design of the top cover and the approximate time that each material lasts. They even go further and give a cost estimate of each type of material and the advantages of each. Imparting this knowledge on the owners provides solid knowledge and understanding of the top cover that helps in making a worthy decision. The result is a secure building with an assurance of safety to the business people therein.

Which Roof Expert Should I Use?

Unlike a residential building, commercial roofing is taken with a lot of precaution due to the value of the properties belonging to the people leasing the building. This implies that the process of choosing an expert is a tumultuous one. Obtaining an expert who is knowledgeable and qualified may take a lot of time. However, a few pointers to lead an owner to the right path are outlined in the steps below;

  1. Use the local official directories and come up with a list of the most suitable experts.
  2. An exceptional company must always have an updated and working website. Search for the website and find out when it was updated.
  3. Use feedback from previous customers through the website. If possible, call the company and ask them for a list of references and the feedback forms filled out by other customers.
  4. Contact at least five referees personally and obtain their feedback.
  5. Ensure that the roofer has worked on a project that is similar or almost similar to the current project.
  6. Prior to hiring the chosen company, find out whether they have a reliable insurance system and the extent of their warranties.

From here, other factors such as the cost of their services, whether they offer after installation services and their availability will help in determining the contractor to lease.

What to Expect

An expert will not just appear at the site of construction without preparedness. However, it is also necessary to have a list of the items that may be needed prior to commencing the roofing. After determining the size of the roof needed and other factors,

  • An expert will offer advice on the cost estimate on a variety of materials that can be used for commercial buildings.
  • They will also help in giving an estimate of the time needed for repairs of the building. If it is a simple repair, they can also help in determining whether it’s a complete installation or the particular parts that require installation.
  • Their work is to also offer advice on the most effective ways of maintaining the top cover.
  • They can prevent the owner of a building from making a grave mistake such as under-insuring or using under-qualified materials for the project.
  • They also ensure that the project is equipped with outstanding workmanship for the purpose of an exceptional result.

These are the things anyone should expect of a qualified top cover contractor.

For experts in this field, save yourself the hustle and call Smith and Ramirez Roofing in El Paso and Las Cruces, we will ensure that you have the best type of top cover for your home or business.